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Walking the Warrior's Path.

Cultivating Wisdom.

Lighting the Way for Others.

by Angel Valenciano,

How To Transform Light Into Wisdom.

Light <=> Infromation = (Thought + Inspired Action) <=> Wisdom

START HERE >>> Information is Light just as Light is Information >>> Knowledge >>> Understanding >>> Inspiration >>> Re-Creation >>> Implementing >>> Affirming >>> Teaching >>> Giving >>> Wisdom. Expand >>> REPEAT.

In WUKARian Terms This Simply Means To: Wake Up.  Kick Ass.  Repeat.

OK Go!

You Are Encouraged To Test Your Own Ideas And Draw Your Own Conclusions.

Speak with Confidence, Kindness and Love.

Take Action with Intention and Purpose.

Use This Information To Guide You.

Inspired Masterminds:

Bruce Lee - Bob Marley - John Frusciante - Joshua Davis
Abraham-Hicks - Earl Nightingale - Teal Swan - Leija Turunenphoot

The 24/7/365 Never Ending Online Empowerment Market and Knowledge Festival:
Angel Valenciano - Frank Kern - Jonathan Budd -Jason Moffatt - Anji Long
Corina Ungureanu - Marci Jones-Fritz - Rex Harris - Pierce Meyers - Jon Weberg
Ricardo Rodriguez - Harry Bhanot - WUKAR - AIOP - Team List Building
SurfLovers - The Artists Of Life - The Tribe
all-for-one-team with special guests
and much, much more...

This is The Final Piece of The Puzzle You Were Looking For:

The More People YOU ENRICH With YOUR VISION...
The RICHER YOU Will Become.


Angel Valenciano


The Artists Of Life

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