Conversational Marketing Method

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Conversational Marketing (Quick Notes):

This is how top income earners make money with a number of different programs on the internet.

Say this when you get a connection with someone:

Thanks for the connection.

Ask these 3 questions:
1) How are you today?
2) Which business are you promoting?
3) Tell me more about that..

Then do this!
Are you ready?
The key to this is so simple.

Based on your conversation with the people you connect with you will be able to give them something that will help them first.
The key is finding out what other people want and give it to them, that's the key.

Because in doing that this is where that trust factor begins.
In any conversation you now are the guiding light.

Because every marketer on this planet that's struggling is going to take action with the people that reach out to them first.

If you look at ibotoolbox, safelist, TEs, skype, facebook and all these portals of entry into the world of online marketing every last one of those people has something that they want to learn that's going to help them to take the next step up in the ladder of progress.

Just find out what that is... and give it to them, free.

Ask how many signups are they averaging everyday in their program.

Then say:
Would it be worth a few minutes if I could show you how to get 3 to 5 signups in (their program)...

Send them to the academy, your capture page, the workshop page, or a video or guide that your made that shows them how to accomplish this.

So long as they know that they are going to have access to you or a group of people that are their to help them, they are going to stay.

It will feel like home!

...And this is the Key.

Hope you found value in this.  Now take Action!

Angel Valenciano

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