The Ultimate Traffic Exchange Success Funnel and Kick Ass Business Building System

I am going to prove 1 thing with this System:

By following the exact steps I teach and by staying consistent in your focus on Your Business, you will begin to experience success only a few in our industry ever experience!


People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

The reason I created this System is...

Most people who have been working to make money online for any period of time realize quickly
that it doesn't work the way they originally believed it would.

I do what I do because I BELIEVE that everyone deserves to live a life of freedom (whatever that my mean to you).  Freedom especially for you and your family.  I believe in 

bringing families back together, at home.

You can build a business that will empower you to make more money than you ever have before building whichever business YOU are passionate about.

It doesn't matter what YOU are promoting, I am here to assist you in the process.

How We Will Accomplish This Together as a TRIBE:

I have assemble a "Tribe" of like minded individuals that share the same beliefs as what I have stated above.  In short we all believe in WHY we are doing this.

What we do doesn't have anything to do with the glitz and glitter that is portrayed unrealistically by most marketers.

We believe in assisting you with getting into cash flow now regardless of the business you are building.

What It Is We Do:
We are able to do what we do by following An Exact PROVEN PLAN that we are implementing to make money online everyday.

This Plan will show you how to effectively attract people who are in need of what you offer as a solution to a problem they need to solve.  Because Traffic Exchanges is 

our "Target Source" we will offer people a way to generate extremely high amounts of traffic with less time surfing while building THEIR business.

This is a perfect match as a solution for Traffic Exchange users as they are most likely using TEs to attempt to generate traffic to their offers.

Whether you are promoting an  MLM deal or affiliate products, there's something extra you have to offer to someone who is looking for EXACTLY what you have (the 


We are going to show you how to reach them!


The Plan:

If you are reading this page you are most likely a member of one or more of the following programs: AIOP, KORE4, TRAFFICWAVE, and CASHSURFINGNETWORK.

This Plan is designed to help you build these programs.  These are the chosen programs because of their current popularity among TE users at this time.  There are 

thousands of new people daily that are looking for ways to get more sales in these programs.  We are here to help those people.

This plan will work on building any program, but we will work on these 4 mentioned for starters.
In future you may suggest a program and I will add it to this growing list.  Remember we are doing this to help anybody build any program they are passionate about.


This Is How It Works:

I like things simple... so let's keep it that way.

We are here to do two things:
1. Help people build their business
2. Make money fast

You need only to drive traffic to the first two links below (Team Page and Splash Page).  It is that simple.  The rest of the System will build your programs for you.  The system does this by containing "Team Rotator URLs" in all of the pages used.

Once you join any of the recommended programs or traffic sources send me your referral links to

and I will enter your links into rotation.


Team Page (drive traffic to this page):

Splash Page (drive traffic to this page):

Capture Page (drive traffic to this page *optional):

10K Hits Fast Start Guide (to send to lead once they opt in to capture page, or can send people to this if you are in conversation with them through skype, fb, personal email, or any other form of communication):

Bonus Credits and Traffic (this will give your leads an 'incentive' and an extra boost in advertising. Send people to this page when in conversation with them):

Proof This System Works (social proof is always the best way to 'get' people to believe in what you are doing and that your systems work):

Main Traffic Source (focus mainly on these sources.  If you focus on too many sources it will dilute your results.  If you focus on a few (5 to 7 TEs) it will increase and speed up your results)

Programs (join whichever programs you like the most, they are all excellent programs that help anyone build any business.  They also have amazing, responsive, helpful admins).  These links are rotators that rotate all team member's links, they are evenly distributed.  Once you join send me your referral links to and I will include your links in rotation, so the System can go to work for you and give you free traffic and signups):






SIMPLE SUCCESS ONLINE (main training site I created.  Includes everything I learned to get me to where I am today. Going from zero to now earning up to $250+ daily, mostly from free sources)

AFFILIATE FUNNEL (Marci Jones-Fritz hosts the Saturday webinars and it's awesome, I've learned tons from her since I started online many years ago and still learn from her to this day)

ACADEMY OF HOME BUSINESS (Rex Harris owns this and hosts daily workshops, Rex is top notch, an long time mentor and taught me "the one method all top income earners us to make sales in ANY program".  If you want to learn that method go HERE.)

ONE-FOR-ALL-TEAM (Pierce Meyers owns and runs this site.  He is awesome and I've learned how to budget and wisely use resources in order to leverage time and money to it's maximum potential online.  If you are starting from scratch this is the best place to go.)

Support: (contact me if you need anything at all,  I work full-time online from home for the last two years now. My main 'Office' Hours are Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm and Sat-Sun 12pm to 2pm, as you can see I don't like working too much or too hard, i like to keep this stuff simple :)

Yours in Sincere Mastery of Life,

Angel Valenciano

PS.  Reach me by email if you need me or at the skype link below

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