How to Get Tons of Passive Traffic

...for whatever website you're advertising, no matter what it is!

Cash in on Banners is an incredibly easy program to both join and use. But what is the point, you may ask.

Well, when you go to join, you must visit up to eight websites, and view them for a few moments. Keep your eyes open, because you may just find a great program that you'll want to join when you visit these other banners' sites.

After you view all of the other banners, you may join Cash in on Banners and start referring people, to get them to start advertising your site for you! Up to six levels down! But the program doesn't end there!

If you decide to, and this is totally optional, you can upgrade for a mere ten dollars.

Why would you want to do that? Simple. When you are upgraded, and you refer a member who also decides to upgrade, the $10 goes directly to you! The second and fourth go to the person who referred you, but every single other referral upgrade gets paid directly to you!

Furthermore, every single one of your referrals that upgrades, their second and fourth referral upgrades are paid to you!

Now you may be wondering, why would you want to join Cash in on Banners when you already have a site that you want to advertise.

You may have thought that I was trying to get you to advertise a totally different site than you originally had in mind. I assure you, that I do not mean to mislead you. You do not have to upgrade to get the passive traffic that we want to get. The site works perfectly fine if you do not upgrade!

Remember, the goal here is tons of passive traffic. There are several ways you can go about advertising this site without losing hits to your own site. You can push traffic to the site by way of banner advertising, or you can do what I do; advertise Cash in on Banners, and within Cash in on Banners, advertise your main site!

When a person has already signed up for a site, they are actually more likely than normal to be open about joining another site as well -- and if your site is interesting to them, they may join you in Cash in on Banners and also your main website!

~ Angel Valenciano

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