As a quick reminder, yesterday we spoke about [Cash in on Banners] and how it can get quite a
large number of visitors to any program you're promoting. The key is that when you DO advertise
Cash in on Banners, you make sure that you have set your banner within to show off whatever
program or site is your actual main focus. Because that is the ad that will be shown by all of
your referrals.

Today's program that is very useful is [Viral Repeat] - it literally takes like two minutes to do,
every day. After you sign up for an account at Viral Repeat, you go to the area called 'My Ads'
and set up a banner for the main site that you are promoting. Then you go to the main page, called
'home' and there is a button that says to click for 24 hours.

When you click on that button, you'll go to a page that shows seven other people's banners, and you
just need to click each one and view it for a brief period of time. After you are done, your own
banner will enter the mix, and get seen by other members. This is a great time to try to get the
attention of those other members, so take advantage of it! And you never know if you'll find some
awesome program, too!

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