Marketing on Easy Street

So far in this series, you have learned how to generate more traffic with less surfing and use that traffic to build a list of leads.

Referring your subscribers to TE Hoopla generates more traffic for you with less surfing. You are then generating leads and getting paid in traffic.

Are you ready to start getting paid in cash?

You may have heard of the Funded Proposal before, but if not, here is my short description.

A funded proposal is a proven method of recovering costs associated with your advertising or marketing by selling a related, low-cost, front-end product.

This is a proven and effective way of recovering the cost of advertising. It creates immediate cash flow with no extra work involved!

Whether you are surfing for traffic or outright purchasing traffic, you must get paid for your investment of time or money.

Here is the product that funds ALL my marketing:

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When you offer this product to YOUR leads...

You will create up front income while building your business!

Now, let me tell you what has happened to my traffic and lead generation as a result of adding this funded proposal to my system.

I started getting traffic and leads for my business plus UP-FRONT income from my surfing efforts!

Let's face it. No one wants to surf for traffic with nothing to show for it.

Wouldn't you rather get paid to build your business?

Imagine getting paid instantly while surfing instead of beating your head up against the monitor, wondering why you're not seeing results.

How would you like to be earning multiple $10 commissions daily?

You can start earning those TODAY!?!?!

Yup. Check it out... HERE

It works!

To your success,

Angel Valenciano

PS. You have NOTHING to lose.

Join CIOB if only for the massive amount of fast passive traffic you get with this program.


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