The Key To Success
10 Steps To Getting More Traffic, Signups, and Sales In Your Business


Angel Valenciano

Congratulations! Soon You Will Know More Than 98% Of People Out There.

the Key lies within this page. Follow the instructions on this page and you will soon see how easy it is to generate more traffic, opt-ins, paid active signups, and sales.

Getting thousands of visitors per day to your site is simple. There are many free and paid sources available to use to start generating traffic immediately. The main thing we must focus on is the conversion.

the Key is applying the no-cost strategies outlined on this page in order to position yourself for the highest chance at success. Meaning 3 to 5 (usually more) ACTIVE People into Your primary business per week. Not to mention the increasing sales of your own products & services and/or affiliate products & services you are promoting. This is the conversion.

If you are a SERIOUS FAST ACTION TAKER and will do whatever it takes to Succeed and want to see Immediate Results In YOUR Business Starting Today then >>> GO HERE! <<<

Otherwise continue progressing through the Steps below at your leisure.  It is important to understand these concepts and taking your time to absorb the information is crucial for successful implementation.

Whatever you choose is up to you.  If you take the fast path or the slow steady one is OK.
Either way we will meet each other on TOP!  Deal!?   Good...

Then Let Us Begin :)

Master the Marketing Mindset and be of Service to the Marketplace.

This is the Absolute Fundamental to Achieving Success.

First we listen to Frank Kern. He is one of my mentors.
Frank is one of the top marketers in the world and knows what he is talking about.
the Key is to follow in the footsteps of someone whom you want to reach the similar level of success.

Follow Frank Kern's
5 Pillars of Kindness.
It is the EXACT Blueprint responsible for creating rapid and massive results no matter what business you are in.

Anyone who is successful online uses this Formula. It is a science, it is proven to work. PERIOD.

Take notes, study them and apply these concepts in everything that you do in your business & marketing from here on out.
I have been studying Frank for my whole online career and always learn and implement what he teaches first.

Watch Frank Kern VIDEO


How To Get People To Say Yes To Looking At Your Business?

Easy. Take what you have learned above from Frank and apply it to what you learn below from Rex.

Rex Harris is another one of my mentors. I have worked with him for several years and learn something new from him every day, especially how to convert traffic into paying customers and business partners (this is also known as conversions).

There is no shortage of knowledge. the Key is to stay connected with like minded individuals and apply that knowledge.

Watch Rex Harris VIDEO

Download Your copy of
Read it 15 times a day, every day until you have it memorized. (Tip: Here is a [quick sheet] that I use that outlines the main points. Click here. It makes for easy memorization.)

The Ultimate Script is designed for live one-on-one or phone conversation but can easily be altered to apply to email, chat, forums, community & social media sites etc.  It is the fundamentals that are important. Use whatever medium you are comfortable with and stretch out of your comfort zone when ready for accelerated results.

Listen to Ricardo Rodriguez use The Ultimate Script Live on a Call: Click HERE!

This is the most valuable call you will ever here.

He breaks down The Ultimate Script, step-by-step and the psychological reasons why it is structured the way it is structured and why it works at converting people into partnerships.

I can honestly say that learning and applying The Ultimate Script is responsible for consistent and exponential increase in my business every day, as is for many.

The Ultimate Script is not about "selling" at all, it is simply connecting people from point A (a problem) to point B (a solution).

Finding people to talk too (building your network/list):
Surfing Traffic Exchanges and engaging in the community is the easiest way to start connecting with people and build up your network of business partners.

Here is a guide to quickly get you started and seeing results today (using TEs to find people to connect with and start building your list). Click HERE.

Email me if you want to know what site I am currently advertising in the TEs in order to get the best connections with people (opt-ins to my list and conversions).

This is the All-in-One Tool that you can use starting today to help you greatly accelerate your success.
Click HERE.

Email me and I will show you how to set things up and will provide one-on-one support.

Continue Learning, Sharing and Pointing People to a solution to their problem.

You do this by attending webinars, workshops, and hangouts to learn valuable knowledge
... and inviting people there to learn the knowledge too :)

Attend webinars and workshops:
Affiliate FunneL webinar link. Every Saturday 12pm EST
Academy Of Home Business workshops link. Mon & Tues - 11am & 10pm EST, Wed & Thurs - 11am & 3pm EST

EmpowerNetwork - Kick Ass Marketing and Success Mastery
University Of Internet Science - Jedi Training (Email me to get access)
Simple Success Online - I created this as a free training site that outlines how to easily make money online.

Provide tremendous value to the marketplace by sharing the knowledge you gained from the workshops, webinars and training centres with your subscribers, business partners and with the community.

There is always an opportunity to use the ultimate script.

Remember this is about getting better at recognizing the problems that someone has (they usually mention it when in conversation) and offer them the solution to that problem based on their wants, needs and desires.

Joining teams is THE Perfect Way to engage with the community and expand your network.
Remember to be real with people. Connect with them and be of service (offer value) first.

I have made strong partnerships and friendships with teams.
And we continue to grow each and every day.

Team List Building
We Aim For More
What Is WUKAR?

* TAKE DAILY ACTION and Focus on surfing the recommended Traffic Sources to continuously have a flow of people to connect with.

* Share value with people and help them out, pointing out solutions to their problems.

* Offer tools to accelerate THEIR desired results and increase efficiency.

* Learn something new to expand your connections and better your marketing.

* Implement that new thing you learned.

* Track results.

* Share results with subscribers, team members and community.

* Use The Ultimate Script to point people to recommended products, programs or services.
(No need to force anything, no need to "sell" anything... Let the presentation videos do the explaining for you.  That's what they are there for; leverage the technology).

* Doing these steps all leads to seeing this in your inbox, .. like clockwork!
>> CONGRATULATIONS! You have  a new member on your team!


STEP 10: (do only when you have mastered Step 9)

Learn a new traffic strategy.

This example today is using Traffic Exchanges as the traffic source for connecting with new people.

But same concepts apply to any traffic source (safelist, ptc, facebook ppc, google, seo, text exchanges, classifieds, offline advertising etc.)

Personally I find Traffic Exchanges easy to use and are swarming with people who are new to the online business world.

They seem to use traffic exchanges as their first choice to 'blindly' get traffic to their offers.

These are prime prospects because you know they are struggling to make it online.

You can show them how to market effectively; to get desired results and thus building a strong bond with them.

This will form trust in both of you, and they WILL join you in business.

This is exactly How All of This Works. This is the Key.

It is a science remember.

And is proven to work, over and over again, like clockwork,  essentially from the beginning of time.

Congratulations! You Now Know More Than 98% Of People Out There.

The final thing to do is always share what you have learned.  By reading this page today you literally know more than 98% of the people out there.  That means you have something of value now to share and teach your subscribers, team mates and community.  This is the magic of this whole thing.  There will ALWAYS be someone out there that you can genuinely help and these are the people that you will form a bond with and will join you in YOUR business and buy YOUR products and services.

This is the key to 3 to 5 (usually more) signups per week, ongoing sales and a prosperous business :)

Hope you learned something of value from what I have shared with you today.

My only request is that you share it also.  Either by sharing this page directly or (even better), in your own words write something up in an email, blog, video, tweet, whatever you like and share it with the world!  Remember that's the way this whole thing works.  This is the Key :)


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*Always gotta have the DISCLAIMER that reminds you that there's no guarantee you'll make any money doing this. Starting and running a any business takes work and since I can't force you to do it I can't guarantee you'll make any money. If you're brand new to the make money online industry don't believe anyone who guarantees you'll make money at anything. There's no such thing. The only people who will make money at this are those who learn how to do it and then actually do it. Just like anything in life.

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