Lead Generation Made Easy

How do you generate leads for your business?

In traffic exchanges, you only have a split second to get a surfer's attention.

Remember, like you, they are surfing as fast as possible in order to get more traffic credits and views of THEIR site. You have to grab their ATTENTION and interrupt what they are doing!

One of the most effective ways to do that is with a “Squeeze Page”.

A squeeze page asks for their name and email address in order to receive more information by email. So, when you use a squeeze page, you are automatically building an email list and generating your own leads.

This is where TEProfits is special. The leads are exclusively yours. They are not added to someone else's list to be promoted some other program.

YOUR list... YOUR leads... YOUR business!

Your TE Profits System includes several splash and squeeze pages to create variety. These are so effective at gathering leads that all of my credits are used to promote them.


Some people, in an effort to build their downlines, use 50% or more of their traffic credits to advertise TE Hoopla. While that is a good strategy for building downlines, there is a better way!

I do NOT use ANY of my traffic credits to advertise TE Hoopla.

I use ALL of my credits to generate leads. I still promote TE Hoopla, but I only promote it to people who are on my list of leads.

Does that work? See for yourself...  Click HERE!



For a squeeze page to work effectively and without a lot of work on your part, you need an autoresponder.

The TEProfits squeeze pages are integrated with YOUR autoresponder. You are generating leads to promote your main business automatically.

Let me be blunt here. If you are just promoting some affiliate program or replicated website... and not building your own list of leads, you will not get very far in online marketing.

And if you don't have an autoresponder, you can't generate your own leads.

Are you new to autoresponders? No problem!

With your TEProfits membership you receive step-by-step instructions for easily setting up an autoresponder so you can immediately start generating your own leads for your own business.

Get your free TEProfits membership HERE

I am simply blown away at how FAST this system builds my traffic and list while generating income with no extra work!

To Your Success,

~ Angel Valenciano

P.S. Tomorrow I will show you how to dramatically improve your results, turning your lead generation into a funded marketing system.

You will discover how to generate immediate income even before anyone joins your business!


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