Selling More by Selling Less

Today, we are going to look at one of the proper ways to increase sales using email. And I don’t mean by sending out email blasts to thousands of strangers with some hyped-up sales pitch.

If the recipient does not know who you are, or does not want to hear from you... they will not even open the email. It’s an interruption and they do not want to be bothered. They do not know you or trust you.

A list of 100 people who know you and appreciate what you are saying is far more valuable than a list of one million strangers.

You see, it is NOT just a list... it is a relationship.

Most people think it doesn't matter what mindset a visitor is in when they arrive on their website. But it greatly affects overall sales from your site.

You have to build trust first before the reader will want to read what you are saying, consider it, and have a high probability of responding.

Now that you are offering value and building trust with your list...

What is the best way to share your offer without having them hit the unsubscribe button?

Your Signature File

The most subtle way to advertise your website is with a simple signature file.

It is a ‘back door’ to your business. You simply leave the door open and if they want to find out what you’re into... they will enter.

I left a signature file in yesterday’s email. Did you see it?

“Making Your TE Marketing Profitable”

This brief sentence is responsible for a lot of traffic and tons of sales. You see, I'm not trying to hard sell them anything. I am creating curiosity and letting them choose to visit my website.

Entering through the back door, your subscribers have already decided to read your offer and consider how your program might help their business.

Remove any pressure and they are far more likely to simply sell themselves.


Angel Valenciano

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