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First & foremost its 100% FREE To Join MyAdvertisingPays.

As a free member you will earn 4% on your referrals purchases.

So as a free member each time you refer a member to My Advertising Pays who makes an ad purchase you will make 4% on there purchase. So a member you referred makes say a $1000 purchase in ad packs. You will earn 4% or in this case $40.

If a member you referred purchases 1 ad pack at $50 you will earn $2 & so on.

When you first sign up to MyAdvertisingPays, you are given a 30-Day unlimited free trial, which means you have all the benefits that a Primetime membership comes with, except the monthly products, for a full 30 days!

This means your earning potential is set on MAX while you decide which membership level is best for you.


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