Marketing 101

Today we are going to look at two entirely different ways to market your business with traffic exchanges.

One of these methods is used by EVERY SUCCESSFUL MARKETER while the other is used by every newbie in traffic exchanges.

One of these leads to EXTREME PROFIT while the other is the reason most people give up in frustration and say that traffic exchanges don't work.

One of these WORKS LIKE A CHARM while the other doesn't stand a chance!

Which method are *you* using?


In the first method, you see a website with awesome sales copy and a product or service you think everyone else will want.

The site looks good. The payout looks good. You jump on board.

They give you an affiliate page and wish you luck.

Then you click, click, click (surfing for hours) to advertise your affiliate page directly to other surfers.

How is that working for you?

Probably not well. In fact, I would bet on it!

Be prepared for long hours of surfing and frustration with this direct method.

Why? Because conversions for typical affiliate websites are very poor in traffic exchanges. It can take thousands of page views to get even one response!

Getting traffic is easy, but getting sales is another matter.

Isn’t that the reason most people fail?

The earnings look good, the site looks good... but how do you get sales?

It’s not WHAT you sell... it’s HOW you sell it.

Ask any successful marketer. Learning how to properly market and make sales is far more important to your success than the product you are selling!

This next method is much more effective in Traffic Exchanges.


Build your list by offering something other people want.

By helping others, you are establishing relationships and adding value to the process. Furthermore, you are not wasting any credits.

In fact, you are getting MORE TRAFFIC from the same amount of work!

This is so IMPORTANT to your success that I am going to elaborate a little on this point...

Instead of using one credit to send a surfer to your sales page, you first get their contact information and add them to your list.

Share TE Hoopla with your new subscribers and you get p@id in traffic even if they do not buy anything from you!

See how beautiful that is?

You STILL send them to your affiliate page, but now you send them there several times rather than once.

One traffic credit ends up being multiple visits from one customer, PLUS much more traffic credits in return as your traffic downlines grow!

After you have the prospect's attention and are building trust, share how your business has benefited you and provide a personal endorsement of the product or service before sending them to your affiliate website.

You are in the business of telling, not selling.

There is no rush. You are not interrupting their schedule. No need for hype or pressure tactics that only result in failure anyway.

Critical “Secret Key” to sales:

Lead with the product... not the ‘opportunity’.

People are drawn to benefits and put off by ‘opportunities’. Why is that?

Because benefits are immediate. They answer “what’s in it for me?”

Share the benefits of your business.

Benefits should always outweigh the cost of the service up front. Your readers will appreciate this approach and be more open to considering your offer.

Let me ask you this... and please be honest...

How many programs have you signed up for simply because you saw a replicated sales page in a traffic exchange?

I'm sure not many. Probably none!

Now... how many programs did you sign up for because you were on someone’s list who recommended it through an email?

Probably too many to count!

Getting the point?

Tomorrow, we will take a closer look at using your autoresponder to promote your primary business to your own list of leads.

Best regards,

Angel Valenciano

“Your Easy Way to Profit With Traffic Exchanges”


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