The Proper Mindset Is The Foundation To Success and Freedom.

To prepare yourself for this wonderful journey to Freedom,

You must first have the Proper Mindset.

You obtain this by watching the videos below, every day, for the next 30 days.

If at all you find yourself walking off the path during this journey,

Easily get back on it by returning to this page and re-watching these videos again.

This will give you the Inspiration to Take Action,

Stay on the Path...

and Walk On to Freedom.

First Begin Each day by setting your vibration by

looking at the Sri Yantra Symbol below for 3 minutes:

And listening and viewing this video below:

Once you are in the highest and clearest vibration known in this Universe,

Proceed with grace and kindness and go about your day.

Start with the Video Below: 

Things you must do everyday

A New Morning Routine For You !

Listen..This Will Change Your Life - The Strangest Secret

This one is my favourite.  Earl Nightingale reveals the Key To Success


Now You Know More Than 98% Of People Out There.

Beware the Dark side of marketing...


Scientific Explaination on How To Manifest Reality

(The Perfect Combination of Spirit and Science)

More on Manifesting Reality... 

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