The Plan...

Hello, Angel Valenciano here. I will try to keep this short and simple...

You are most likely reading this page because you have been searching around the Internet or someone referred you to it and you are looking for a way to finally create an income online.

The reason Why I am doing this is to help people get into cash flow quickly, eventually earning them a residual income (starters) or to add to their online portfolio (more experienced), without interfering with what they are currently doing.

Let's be honest, cash flow enables us to grow our businesses, freeing up time & energy to spend doing the things we love. Living a happy fulfilling life.

I enjoy helping people both online and off to achieve their goals and it is my intention to do the same for you. 

I struggled a lot when I first started doing business online many years ago.

Being overwhelmed with information overload.

Attempting to do too many things at once and failing miserably at getting the results I was seeking.

Until I finally found the final pieces of the puzzle.

the Key that unlocks the methods and systems used to market 'the right way'.

Fast forward to now...

I have been marketing online for 5 years and learned how to market effectively and to produce results at will.

I want to help You do the same.  Let's skip the learning curve. I will show you the exact strategies that are working right now that I use to get results and will get YOU into cash flow quickly.

With that said...

The real way to earn online is to promote products & services that have a commission plan (income streams) that:

  • Are residual & pay monthly (and/or daily)
  • People never stop using, as they need them to run their own business effectively.

These types of products in the online world are:

  • Auto-Responders
  • Splash/Squeeze Page Creator 
  • Tracking / Rotator 
  • Hosting 
  • Traffic & Advertising

These are 'evergreen' products that are always needed, so long as you are doing business online.

By promoting the above types of products you can quickly lay a solid foundation for your online business and start building a healthy residual income.

The Chosen Program... All In One Profits (AIOP)

AIOP is a program that combines all of these products under one umbrella.

The following are the main points Why my team and I have chosen AIOP.

  • They have been online since 2012. The admins are very active and responsive.
  • We have communicated with them many times and always receive fast and friendly replies to our questions.
  • They have a powerful compensation plan for referring others to use these essential tools and resources.
  • Having all the necessary tools & resources under one program reduces the learning curve allowing you to implement strategies right away... Which increases your efficiency; saving time and energy.
  • Their overall vision is in alignment with our vision: To give people the tools and the knowledge first of all and put them on a fast track to achieve their goals (through honesty, integrity, transparency, trust and support).

Partner Up with Me & My Team... Everyone receives their first 3 paid referrals, free on me (I give them to you). 

Follow these steps:

1. a) 
*Start by watching this review HERE.*
    b) Check out the homepage,, read the About Us, all the FAQs, Testamonials, etc.

2. If you like what you find, and if you become convinced (as I am) that AIOP is one of the few, transparent and serious businesses out there. Go to the next step.

3. Send me an email to with "send AIOP link" in the subject line, and I will as fast as possible, usually within a few hours, send you a link.

4. Sign up with that link, and upgrade ($10 + $1.50 fee = $11.50 monthly)

5. Next step is to email me your referral link.

6. You can now relax and wait for your 3 paid referrals
You break even with 1st one; your 2nd goes up to your upline; you are in profit with your 3rd).

I will place your referral link in my personal ad rotation, giving you ongoing free traffic and additional paid referrals.

8. You will receive the team user guide.
 This will give you the foundation of building a successful online business. 

You will be provided with complete instructions and links to resources & training. You will learn how to easily duplicate this system for maximum results. In addition to ongoing Free BONUSES & Advertising.

Optional: To increase the speed of success do the following: 1) Learn from the resources & training, 2) Apply what you have learned,  3) Use the bonus advertising to immediately generate traffic and leads. 4) Take Action Daily!

9. Email me with "send AIOP link" in the subject line when you are ready to get started with a winning team.



PS. I provide free one-on-one support for my team members. No one is left behind.

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