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Don't You Think That It Is About Time
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My Methods Work! Follow them exactly to easily & effortlessly build automatic traffic, signups and sales in whatever program you are promoting. The Secret is to Take ACTION TODAY and You will see results!

(Scroll down to see my methods; Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the BEST ONE OF THEM ALL!!!)

There will be more methods added as I test out new programs, tools and sources. They must be proven to produce results (ie. traffic, signups and sales) in order for me to honestly promote them.

Book mark this page and come back often.


Angel Valenciano
Computer Scientist
Hybrid Marketer &
Second Income Consultant

* The 3 to 5 Signups in Any Program Per Week Method *

... Hey, Would it help you if I showed you a way to get 3 to 5 new members into AIOP per week using TEs and Safelists (working only 30 mins/day)?

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* 10K Hits A Day Method *

Create and advertise these pages:

splash page link:
capture page link:

Ad copy for splash pages and text ads:


How to get 10,000 visitors
each day
to your website?

Absolutely FREE.

#1 Traffic Source for 10K Hits A Day Method:

Click the banner below to join TrafficSwarm.
Use the text ad copy to advertise the '10k hits method' in TrafficSwarm.
The ad copy is designed to produce high CTR and conversions:

Ad copy for text ad:

Sick of Surfing Your Fingers To The Bone
Build a responsive traffic network FREE. 10,000 hits to your site daily

Surf 100 pages a day in TrafficSwarm:
You will receive a 1000 credit bonus!
Surf more to receive more credit bonuses.

#2 Traffic Source for 10k Hits A Day Method:

Click the banner below to join FreeProTraffic
Advertise the "10k hits a day Method" splash page in FreeProTraffic for instant results.

Surf 100 pages in FreeProTraffic 2 days in a row and receive a Free Pro Upgrade.
Surf 100 pages per day to maintain your Free Pro Upgrade. This is easy!

Very Important Notes:

The '10k hits a day method' splash/capture pages and text copy have high conversion rates in the selected traffic source (TrafficSwarm and FreeProTraffic).

Follow this method exactly to generate your first subscribers and signups within a day.

Teach your subscribers the '10k hits a day method' in order to create duplication.

This generates automatic residual traffic for you.

You will quickly build a large traffic network that generates 10k hits to your site on autopilot (minimal surfing).

Success loves speed, Take Daily Action!

* The 50 Dollar A Day Banner Method *

splash page:

capture page:

banner html:
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

This banner is targeted to traffic and banner exchanges users.
Advertise it there for high CTR and conversions

Place a banner like the one below on your sites to automatically

generate credits and impressions in banner exchanges.

banner image source:
banner target:

banner code:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""></a>

bucketsofbanners banner exchange code:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

trafficg banner exchange code:

<!-- Banner code Start -->

<script language="javascript"><!--

mem = "49195";


</script><script src="">

</script><script src=""></script>

<!-- Banner code End -->

 *How To Get TE Credits Using Autosurfs Method*

Use this method to generate free credits and impressions in TEs, Banner Exchanges, and Text Ad Exchanges
(without spending your time clicking).

Sign up to the following Manual Traffic Exchange sites:

Get your referral link for each site.
A referral link looks like this:

Sign up to the following autosurf sites:

Promote your Manual TE referral links in each of the autosurf sites.

Surf in the six autosurf sites simultaneously.

You will automatically get credits in the Manual TEs.

Sign up to the following ad co-ops:

Enter your co-op urls in each of the Manual traffic exchanges

You will automatically get hits to your co-op urls.

Promote whatever you wish in your ad co-op sites and get it seen all over top traffic sources.

Create a page like this and show it in the auto-surfs.
The banners at the bottom of this page are part of banner/text exchanges.
Get credited (credits/imps) at these sites just for showing this site.

Promote whatever you wish in the banner exchanges.


Automatic Hands-free Traffic
With this system I am generating
free traffic, signups, and sales


The system outlined above generates free traffic from the autosurfs and converts it to automatic credits/imps in the banner/text exchanges and co-op sites.

 *The Banner/Text Exchanges FREE Traffic Generation Method*

Join banner and text ad exchanges and place their banner code (like the ones you see below) on your websites.

Hint: if you do not have a website, create a free one at

Create a site just like the one you are reading right now and place the banner code on it.

Enter your site in autosurf traffic exchanges which will generate automatic hits to your site.

These hits will generate credits in the banner and text exchanges that you joined.

Advertise the '10k hits a day' splash pages in the banner and text ad exchanges.

* Think Big Method! *

This is a video that gives information about Internet marketing
that may be too big for traffic exchange surfers to handle.
Only put in your email address if you can Think Big!




*Always gotta have the DISCLAIMER that reminds you that there's no guarantee you'll make any money doing this. Starting and running a co-op advertising service takes a little work and since I can't force you to do it I can't guarantee you'll make any money. If you're brand new to the make money online industry don't believe anyone who guarantees you'll make money at anything. There's no such thing. The only people who will make money at this are those who learn how to do it and then actually do it. Just like anything in life.


convo marketing:
conversational marketing:

This is how to make money with a number of different programs on the internet (and offline too).

ibotoolbox/social media/fb ultimate script method:

Say this when you get a connection with someone:

Thanks for the connection.

Ask these 3 questions:
1) How are you today?
2) Which business are you promoting?
3) Tell me more about that..

Then do this!
Are you ready?
The key to this is so simple.
Based on your conversation you will be able to give them something that will help them first.
The key is finding out what other people want and give it to them, that's the key.
Because in doing that this is where that trust factor begins.
In any conversation you now are the guiding light.
Because every marketer on this planet that's struggling is going to take action with the people that reach out to them first.

If you look at ibotoolbox, safelist, TEs and all these portals of entry into the world of online marketing every last one of those people has something that

they want to learn that's going to help them to take the next step up in the ladder of progress.
Just find out what that is... and give it to them, free.

Ask how many signups are you averaging everyday in ....

Would it be worth a few minutes if I could show you how to get 3 to 5 signups in ...

Send them to academy, capture page, workshop page.

So long as they know that they are going to have access to you or a group of people that are their to help them, they are going to stay.

It will feel like home!

And this is the Key.


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