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To: Fellow Traffic Enthusiast and Cash Seeker
From: Angel Valenciano


Here I write to you this free guide to show you how to get endless amounts of traffic and signups... and to get into cashflow very quickly.  I will show you how to create results out of thin air :)

But be warned...

I was not always able to do this.  I struggled and failed for a long time but after much trial and error and persistence I finally found the Key to Success.

I met knowledgeable and experienced people who soon became my mentors.  They have previously walked the path of success before me.  And still do to this day.

I was open to learning from them and they freely taught me how to obtain results... FAST!

"I am now able to freely create Success and Results... at WILL!"

The reason why I'm sharing this with you today is because I have realized my purpose in Life.  And that is to help as many people as humanly possible find a better, easier way... to show them what works right now so they don't have to struggle anymore.

I found that the easiest way to obtain the results that one is seeking is to follow someone who has already previously achieved them.

If it is traffic, signups and sales that you are looking for in your business, then please allow me to be your guide.

"If you are willing to learn.  I will teach you for free.
I ask nothing in return accept for one thing.

That you share this knowledge with someone else
who you may think will need it."

Deal?  Cool... Now..

Let's Do This!

1) Create a free account in  We use this website creator to quickly and easily build websites (or shall we say, your online real estate).  Websites are essential for sharing information on the Internet.  Just think of them as your store front sign where you can 'advertise' anything you are offering to the marketplace.

2) Create a free account in  We use this tool as our autoresponder.  Autoresponders are awesome!   They allow us to collect a list of names and email addresses of the people who visit our websites, so we can follow up with them and communicate information with them on autopilot (by way of an automatic pre-written followup email series), or in real-time (by way of broadcast emails).

At first your autoresponder will be empty (void of subscribers and email followups. But not for long...  I will show you why, how and what to add to it later.)  Keep reading...

With yola and listwire you can create a website just like THIS.

With this one free website, you now have your first piece of real estate that you can start sharing with the community and marketplace.

3) Join VitalViralPro so you have a tool to track hits and opt-ins you get from traffic to your website.  This tool also teaches you the importance of starting your own traffic building business and gives us the means to do so.

3 a) Create a Tracking URL in VitalViralPro and enter your website's URL there.
Your new Tracking URL should look something like this:

3 b) Create a URL Rotator Link and add your new Tracking URL from above in there.
Your new URL Rotator Link should look something like this:

This new URL Rotator Link is now the ONLY Link you need to advertise and promote.

Once you have mastered the method on this page you can then move on to adding more websites into your advertising rotation. (We must create a result FIRST and then move on from there.)

4) Advertise your URL Rotator Link in the following very responsive, traffic and social advertising resources.

5) Join TrafficBrowser for free.  This is the browser that we use to efficiently surf the advertising resources.  Surf the sites for (anywhere from) 30 minutes to 1 hour a day max.  Using TrafficBrowser to surf these sites will reduce your surf time while increasing  production and efficiency.

You will easily be able to generate 1000's of credits and page views in this time frame.

This is all that is needed to see your first results - Hits to your site and opt-ins to your list.  You will be able to track these results in VitalViralPro.

6) Once you capture leads (your Tribe) with your website and have them on your list, you have done the most important task in producing a result and have now shown that you are a success.

Earl Nightingale, the great author, says that "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal."  In other words, taking one step closer towards a worth while goal.

In this case, our worth while goal is capturing leads.  Because that is where the list building and relationship building with those leads begins.  This is Success!

You continue this process of achieving success by providing your Tribe with something of value that will help them get one step closer to THEIR goals.

I find a one page guide like the one you are reading right now works the best in teaching simple, quick success strategies.

For the website that you created earlier, I find that THIS one page guide right HERE has very high conversions.

Here is one truth that you must understand:

"You are paid in direct proportion to the Value that you provide to the Marketplace."

By following your lead your Tribe will begin to
see quick, accelerated, results no matter where they currently are in their business.   (Hint: You can even give your Tribe this page for starters and offer more to them later as you hone your skills and become a master of this 'Sharing Knowledge' craft).

Sharing valuable knowledge to a vast network of people is The Number One Goal that you want to reach.  This is where you will Create the REAL Big Bucks Online! ;)

I know You can easily achieve this, with my help.

Today you have the opportunity to learn directly from me How to take that one simple page you created in yola and build upon it to create a MASSIVE Profitable Traffic Network and reach thousands every day with YOUR Message.

The knowledge I will share with you will give you the ability to Truly Be FREE.  And in the end isn't that what we are all looking for?

To Live a Life of Freedom where you can choose to make a positive impact in this World... if your heart so desires.

I will share with You this knowledge... If You choose to accept it and are willing to Learn...
It's Yours for FREE!

Sound Like an Awesome Plan To You?  ...Wanna Learn More?
>>> Click HERE!

Your Guide in Abundance and Mastery,

"The Path of the Master is as hard to trace as the trail of a bird in the air.
Yet, learn the Path and you shall succeed." 

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