The Return

Do you know when to purchase traffic?

ANS: When the income generated is greater than the cost.

I'm simply talking about a Return On Investment, or ROI.

There are two common ways to 'invest' in Traffic Exchanges. One of those is to upgrade your memberships.

With your TEProfits membership you receive training on how and when to upgrade your Traffic Exchange memberships... without even using your own funds to pay for the upgrades.

Another way to invest is simply to purchase traffic credits outright. The credits usually cost around $10 per thousand, depending on the exchange.

You then want a return of at least 1 cent per page view. At that conversion rate you have generated subscribers and leads at no cost.

With a higher conversion rate it is all profit!

That's what can happen for you when you use lead capture pages to build your list with an autoresponder.

Here is an example...

Using the TEProfits System, you are offering something of value that other surfers want and need:

1) A way for them to increase their traffic.
2) A way for them to generate leads.
3) A way for them to profit from surfing.

If one thousand credits generates only 20 subscribers, and each lead is worth $1 per month to your business... you are in profit immediately!

You have generated leads without surfing and turned an immediate profit!

And that is what you can expect with the TEProfits System!

By following this strategy, I hope you are beginning to see how you can generate huge returns with zero risk.

If you would like to start generating returns like I have experienced, you need the TEProfits System.

Here's how to get your turn-key system...

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... and Start profiting today!

To Your Surfing Success,

Angel Valenciano


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