Turning Time Into Money

Today, I want to share some ideas about budgeting your time and resources.

Time = Money

Think about that for a moment.

The vast majority of people work at a job where they are paid based on their hours worked. They are trading their time for a salary or hourly wage.

Time is money.

When you surf traffic exchanges, you are working to generate traffic and hopefully some extra income. Are you getting paid for your time?

What is your time worth? $5, $10, $20, $40 per hour?

The rate at which you generate income with Traffic Exchanges depends on the amount of traffic you generate and what that traffic is worth.

Using the TEProfits marketing system, I generate income with my traffic credits. My traffic is worth something!

Do you know what your traffic is worth?


Your c@sh flow begins here:



Setting A Budget:

A common problem getting started online is the lack of a budget.

With the TEProfits marketing system, you can start with a very small budget (even NO budget) and turn time into sales. Then use a small portion of your revenue to fund additional traffic (saving time) and more income producing products in the system (increasing profits).

This increases the value of your traffic automatically!

The system is self-funding! You are growing a marketing budget using other people's money to do it!

Generate leads and cash flow with TEProfits. Then watch your income and business grow as your marketing power grows with the system.

Click the link below to get all the tools and training to build your own list of leads... and start profiting while you build your business the right way...

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All the best,

Angel Valenciano

PS. With TEProfits you can start with a ZERO budget. Let your Funded Proposal commissions pay for your marketing so you don't have to!

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