What Do YOU Want?

Let me take three guesses why you surf Traffic Exchanges.

1) You like to click your mouse. (click, click, click)


2) You want to see what everybody else is selling.

Wrong again?

3) You are in the market for a new business opportunity.

That has to be it, right?

Of course not!

Listen closely...

Nobody joins a Traffic Exchange because they want to go shopping!

I'm going to tell you something, and you might think I am crazy...

STOP advertising your “opportunity” in Traffic Exchanges!

Surfers are not clicking along looking for something to buy. They have something to sell... and they want to sell it to YOU!

They, like you, are surfing Traffic Exchanges because they want TRAFFIC!

So how do you market your opportunity to people on Traffic Exchanges?

The answer is really quite simple.

DON'T think of a Traffic Exchange as website traffic.

DO think of a Traffic Exchange as your source of LEADS.

Think about that for just a minute...

How did *you* end up on *my* mailing list?

Perhaps you wanted a copy of the Traffic Report so you could learn how to build more traffic and leads for your business.

Get Your Report HERE

To get that information, you provided your name and email address in a lead capture page or “squeeze” page.

Voila! You are on my list!

Ahhhhh... the list...

You've probably heard it a thousand times...

“The Money is in the List”

I'm here to tell you that is NOT the entire truth.

The money is NOT in the list!

It's in the WALLETS of people who are ON the list.

A popular teaching is to build a personal opt-in list that numbers into the thousands and then send promotion after promotion to that list, offering a myriad of products until somebody buys something.

That approach is absurd!

People do not sign up on a list so they can buy something. They usually sign up for information so they can learn something.

Proper list building and lead generation is about relationships rather than just making a quick buck!

Here is another saying you may have heard before...

“The Fortune is in the Follow Up”

Now THAT is something I can agree with.

With consistent follow up messages explaining the BENEFITS of a product or service, your sales can increase 10 fold!

It's also the best way to treat your customers because it honors the very reason they are on your list; to gain information about a specific topic.

You signed up to this list for information on traffic and lead generation.

Yesterday we looked at how building downlines in traffic exchanges will generate much more traffic with less surfing.

Log in to your TE Hoopla account now (or join if you have not done so).

Get TE Hoopla HERE

Explore the member's area. You will find quick start guides and more detailed instructions on how to build more traffic with the service.

Tomorrow we will start turning your traffic into your very own list of leads.

Until then,


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