Step Four - Don't Shoot The Moon, Shoot Some Mails Instead!

Welcome! In Step Four we will discuss mailing sites. They are often referred to as List Builders, but I prefer to call them mailing sites or safelists because the list builder is or at least should be you (more on that in Step Seven). They are based on the "I will read your mail and you will read mine" concept and this means that you are going to receive a LOT of emails from those sites (Important hint: NEVER sign-up for mailing sites that are not credit based. A credit based mailing site is a site that gives you credits in return for reading other members' mailings so you can use them to send out your mailings), so I suggest you use a Gmail account in which you create folders and filters.

According to your membership level in these sites you will be able to send out your messages to a different number of members and at different time intervals. That makes it difficult to keep all of them organized. A radical solution to this problem is ViralMailProfits, an excellent site backed up from Troy Wray of VitalViralPro (wait till Step 5 for more on VitalViralPro) and Paul Kinder of Traffic-Splash. Not only will ViralMailProfits solve your organizing problems in mailing sites, but it also provides an in-built mailer and will let you mail to even more prospects. It's really hard to describe all of ViralMailProfits benefits in a few lines, so if you want to know more about it please click HERE or on the banner below to check it out.

MailerNinja is also another awesome, robust tool to help you organize and mail out super efficiently.  Get it HERE!

This is a great place to start with Safelists and Mailers >>> Click HERE!

Right HERE you will find a list of the Top 7 mailing sites that keep producing excellent results for me. Some of them may have not been promoted from the gurus or the "gurus", but really deliver results and have amazing features, so don't be surprised if you don't find some of the big names in the list. Some of them offer lifetime upgrades (some of them dirt cheap), so go ahead and upgrade if you can afford it.  Access them by clicking the banner below.

These are very active and must join:














Email Marketing with safelists can be overwhelming for beginners so I suggest just joining the first couple in the list until you get used to it.  You can always add as you go along.  Here is a book that helped me stay organized with my safelist marketing when I first started out.  I highly recommend it.  Get it HERE.

Step Four is over. Tomorrow you will receive my message for Step Five.

Thanks for reading!

Angel Valenciano

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Important: You MUST follow everything described in this course in order to build a solid traffic building foundation. Action takers are the ones who succeed!

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