Step Five - Become An Artist And A Detective!

Welcome! In Step Five I will try to answer two very important questions that almost every marketer has:

Question #1: How can I easily design splash pages, squeeze pages, video squeeze pages, banners of almost any size, buttons, peel-away ads etc. in minutes? Is there a way I can change or duplicate them rapidly? Is there any other way than outsourcing that costs a lot of money sometimes?

The Answer: Absolutely! Please allow me to introduce you to AdKreator. It can do all the above and more and it's free, BUT I suggest you take the lifetime upgrade (if it is still offered) so you can create as many pages and graphics as you want and they will even host everything for you at no extra charge. Please click HERE or on the banner below and become a digital artist. Oh, I almost forgot: you can share your creations anytime at numerous social sites from inside your account with a click of a button. Now, how cool is that?

Question #2:
How do I track my results? How do I know which pages are converting and which traffic sources are producing results? I have no technical skills and I want to track everything with only a few clicks. Is there a service that meets the above criteria?

The Answer: Yes! I use VitalViralPro. This amazing site that provides out-of-this-world tracking including most of third party pages and also excellent branding tools. Please click HERE or on the banner below.

That's all folks for Step Five. Tomorrow you will receive my message for Step Six.

Thanks for reading!

Angel Valenciano

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Important: You MUST follow everything described in this course in order to build a solid traffic building foundation. Action takers are the ones who succeed!

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