Step Six - PTC Sites: The Heaven Of Cheap Advertising Plus A Very Lucrative Business

Welcome! In Step Six I will ask you to allow me to make a bold statement: "PTC (Paid To Click) sites are a very cheap and extremely effective form of advertising and a very lucrative business" as long as you can score a lot of referrals. Easy? Yes, if a) build a lot of traffic following this course and b) advertise PTC sites on PTC sites. You can also rent referrals, but the ones you produce yourself are yours forever. Now let me introduce you to my top performing PTC sites. Click the banners below to join ( * If you are to join just one I Highly Suggest PaidVerts; definitely quick earnings *):


That's it for Step Six.  Short and sweet!


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Want to know what to advertise in PaidVerts?

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Thanks for reading!

Angel Valenciano

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Important: You MUST follow everything described in this course in order to build a solid traffic building foundation. Action takers are the ones who succeed!

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