Step Seven - Duplication Means Success!

Welcome to Step Seven! In the previous Steps we have covered everything about building traffic, banner advertising, mailing sites, creating splash and squeeze pages etc.

However, there is no point in doing all this if you can't help others build their traffic empire. This is called duplication and it is one of the most crucial steps if you want your business to grow. In fact, most of online marketers fail in building successful businesses because they fail in showing others how to do what they have done and has worked for them. Oooops, did I say businesses?

Yes, if you build a huge traffic network, brand yourself and help others in succeeding then your business will grow automatically!

This is the foundation of my whole online business.

So, what should you do now? Here comes the difficult part: WORK. Write a course yourself with everything that has worked for you. Then setup your Autoresponder with a series of messages, create your squeeze pages, drive all your traffic to these pages and start giving the course away as a gift to your subscribers. This way you will be building your list, your traffic network and as a result your business. After a few months of intense work you will reap the rewards and will start having a lot of visitors to your sites on auto-pilot and the best part is that they will keep growing exponentially. Be honest with what you are promoting and don't victimize others. This means don't promote anything that has made you lose money just to get your money back.

Don't know how to do all the above? Check out Simple Success Online, a Training Site I created that will take you by the hand and teach you step by step how to build a successful business online. Combine what you will learn there with what you have learned from my course and soon you will be a very happy person. Need a program that pulls EVERYTHING together?  I suggest AllinOneProfits. Join me and I will get your first 3 referrals for free.

Thanks for reading my messages so far and I wish you health, wealth and happiness in your life!


Angel Valenciano

Feel free to contact with me, I'm here for one-on-one support!

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... now take what you have learned, take action, get some traffic and make some money!!!

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