Step Two - Getting Viral With Banners

Welcome! In Step Two you will be introduced to some viral marketing banner advertising sites. What does viral mean? It means that after you start building a downline in these sites, your downline will also be promoting your programs and so on, sometimes many levels deep.

The BEST-BY-FAR viral program for me is VtrafficRush. It is a banner advertising site that offers a lifetime $10 upgrade option. With this upgrade you can add five of your banners into rotation that will also be displayed on your downline members' pages five levels deep and of course earn higher commissions. But when it gets really viral is if you decide to buy the 10$ for each 30 days "throw your banners into the pool" coop. Then your banners will be displayed on auto-pilot all over the VTrafficRush network. Guys, to put it in a simple way, I receive more than 15,000 (yes, fifteen thousand) banner impressions every day. Need I say more? Click HERE or on the banner below to visit VTrafficRush.

Real Viral Traffic at!

The next viral program is Banners and Bucks. In this program you will be entering your banners inside the members area and then they will also be displayed on your downline's pages. Should you decide to pay the one time fee for the upgrade or earn the upgrade (yes, it also offers this possibility), then your banners will also be displayed on random Banners and Bucks pages. See how viral marketing works?  Click HERE or the banner below to see an example page of Banners and Bucks and to get your page.

Real Viral Traffic at BannersAndBucks!

Another excellent viral program is Cash In On Banners.  This program works just like Banners and Bucks only with a different compensation structure for upgraded members.  And I must say that it is very lucrative for upgraded members.  Now the first member you refer will be paying a one-time $10 upgrade fee directly to you!  Your next personally referred upgraded member will pay $10 and go to your referrer.  After that the next one will pay $10 directly to you and stay on your team.  I really like this plan because you not only get paid for your efforts but of the efforts of people you refer. Click HERE or on the banner below to join Cash In On Banners.

The last viral site is ViralCommissions is brought to you by my friend Marci Jones-Fritz.  She has put together a really great site and is one of my favourites.  I like it because you get $200 worth of free banner and text advertising.  All you do is join, add your banners and text ads and they get shown across a huge traffic network.  Look out for her admin emails because she also gives out promo codes for even more free advertising.  This is by far the easiest way to get your brand out there, build your list and build traffic.  Promote this site and get instant commissions straight to your PayPal.  Join HERE or by clicking the banner below and I will transfer 10,000 extra credits directly to your account just for taking the time today:)

Once you have joined send me an email letting me know you joined ViralCommissions and I will transfer the credits as quickly as possible (usually within hours).

*** THIS JUST ADDED.  Marci recently launched a new viral site called ViralTacoTraffic.  It is just like ViralCommissions.  Add your banners and text ads and get seen across a huge network. You get $250 worth of free advertising just for signing up.  Another amazing deal. Click HERE or on the banner below to join.

*** THIS JUST ADDED.  BucketsOfBanners is an awesome way to get FREE traffic to your banners.  Just put the Banner Exchange code on your websites and you will earn credits that you can assign impressions to your own banners, Promote your Interactive Splash Page to get even more credits.  Click HERE to join or on the banner below.

Don't believe that much in banner advertising? I didn't either but I kept watching with my jaw on the floor my signups soaring after I started using banners. Not only did I get signups through clicks on my banners (and clicks on banners have amazing signup rates) but banners also kept branding what I was promoting.

But what is branding and how does it help in growing your business?

All major companies use branding mostly through their logos or mottos. People's subconscious actually records the logo or motto so they become familiarized with the company or the product. In the same way banners keep sending messages to the surfer's subconscious so they make it much more likely that the surfer clicks on your pages.

The same goes for text marketing, but from what I have noticed (by tracking of course) is that it has to be done through specific sites that focus on text advertising. Outside those sites your text ads will get practically zero clicks (Hint: whenever you want to convert credits in traffic exchanges, convert them to banner impressions). I will not go into more details here because text advertising is covered in Step Three.

This is it for Step Two. Tomorrow you will receive my e-mail message for Step Three.

Thanks for reading!

Angel Valenciano


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