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The main reason Dubli Network is appealing to our Team and million other people is because they offer a 100% Free Cash-Back program that saves you big money on the purchases you're  already making.


Dubli Customers save thousands of dollars per year by just purchasing on dubli platforms or by installing the Dubli Toolbar.


Dubli provides also a network opportunity which allows you and me to make a good residual income from the comfort of your home sharing the cash-back program with others.


Watch this video for details:

DubLi is such a compelling company with an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs as well as customers.


Who is going to say no to a FREE savings on the things we buy every day online?  No one that we have met!


I'm very excited about DubLi Network and I would like help you and all my team members grow their Dubli business fast. If you have a strong desire and are a determined person I want you to join my Dubli Network.


I am committed, together with other leaders, to help you to succeed with Dubli.


We choose a 3 people wide structure, so no one goes wider than 3 before they reach the Sales Director position. Many of the 12 leaders including myself have already received their 3.


When we advertise Dubli Network, new signups go into the downline.


We keep placing people below you and your new members so you move through Ranks and make good money with Dubli Network. It is like a TEAM COOP.


The difference between our team coop and others out there is that we put Active members below you.


Of course we expect you to help us as much as you can so that everyone becomes successful in Dubli Network (Training and resources will be provided to you as soon you join my team).


Why am I doing this?


The problem with most network marketing company is that many people cannot recruit and when they do not recruit they do not make any money and quit.


We want make Dubli Network successful for every team member.


I know that if I help you make money not only will I make money as your sponsor but also You Will Not Quit. It means I will continue make money month after month, year after year.


Zig Ziglar, the biggest motivational speaker all times said once: " You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want". I know what you want.


You want more money. You want to quit your job, to go on vacation, to send kids to school, to help parents retire in have a good life.


What level you should come in?


There are 2 levels for your consideration. 1) Business Associate (BA) for $594 or 2) Team Leader Accelerator (TLA) for $2495. Either level you choose it is fine with me. The most important thing is that you get started. Contact us Today to get your Dubli business started.


Plus, there’s more. You will also become part of an even bigger team that is going to be doing A LOT of amazing things to help you succeed in this business.


I urge you to watch this video right away to learn more about how our team is going to help you:

As it was mentioned in the video, there is a team rotator that will grow this business for you when you perform simple “tasks” for the team.


Watch this video now to learn more about the tasks and getting your share of the HUGE Ecommerce market we are tapping into:

Not only will you be getting ACTIVE members placed under you and your downline, you’ll also be part of our TEAM and have the opportunity to perform simple, easily learnable “tasks” from home so you can get a share of all the signups from our team rotator project!


This is unlike anything you’ve seen!


A few hundred of us are going to make millions from it. You could be one of us… If you want to change your life right now, here’s your golden ticket.


Contact me Today to get started. I will then send you a link from a team member who is in line of receiving signups. If you are already an experienced marketer you will benefit even more from the teambuild.


The 3x3 is the fastest way to advance in ranks.


I look forward to helping you become a leader in our amazing

“Artists Of Life WUKAR Tribe”.



Angel Valenciano


PS: You can choose Team Leader Accelerator (TLA)  package for $2495 or a Business Associate (BA) package for $495 + $99 = $594.


Contact us Today to get started with Dubli Network.


Your success is my priority.


Angel Valenciano

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