The Power Of 5: Viral Traffic Profit System

Want to know how to build a profitable traffic network that will get your site seen across thousands of websites surfing only 5 Traffic Exchanges for 30mins/day?


Ok... This is how it works...

This is based on joining 5 specific traffic exchanges that are very responsive and that you earn credits from your referrals and their referrals 5 levels down.  In most TEs you only earn from your 1st level referrals.  So earning from 5 levels is very powerful and exciting stuff!

Are you Ready?



The Engine

First you need The Legacy Team Ad Co-op.

This ad co-op allows you to promote the Co-op URL in traffic exchanges that you choose which earns you credits to promote your own sites in the Co-op Rotator.

Your site gets shown in 100's of TEs that other people are promoting the Co-op URL.  This means your site gets shown in sites that you are not even a member of.

Once you have joined The Legacy Team Ad Co-op you will find Your Co-op URL on the main home page.

It will look like this (only with your referral id at the end):

This is the main link you will be advertising in the 5 recommended Traffic Exchanges below.  These TEs are tested and proven to perform and are ranked in the Top 42 in TEHoopla.

Join the following 5 Traffic Exchanges. The numbers in the brackets are the percentages you earn from your referrals 5 levels down.

5 Levels (10%-10%-10%-10%-10%)
Sign-up Bonus - 10 Credits - 1000 Banner Impressions.
Referral Bonus – 50-20-10-5-5 - Credits earned per level.
Chance to win up to 3000 credits daily for surfing more than 5 sites

5 Levels (10%-5%-3%-2%-1%)
50 free credits & 500 text ad impressions upon sign-up (after you surf 50 sites)
Pay you $0.10 for every person you refer that surfs 100 or more sites!
Earn 10% Cash Commissions

5 Levels (10%-5%-2%-1%-1%)
Earn 10% Cash Commissions.
Chance to win 1000 credits in scratch card game. You get 3 chances for free
for viewing the site of the day, and can win more chances whilst surfing.

5 Levels (10%-5%-3%-1%-1%)
Get 500 credits to join and 650 monthly credits if you are active.
Great surfing rewards and chance to win credits and cash just for surfing 30
sites. Also you get a bonus for surfing 50+ sites daily.

5 Levels (20%-10%-10%-10%-10%)
For every member you introduce to Click Voyager, you'll be rewarded with a 1000 credit bounty. Every day, the top 200 traffic exchange surfers are rewarded with a variable
bonus based on the credit earnings of every single member below them in that
day's surf for hits contest!


The Traffic Network

When you join a site enter your Legacy Team Ad Co-op URL as your main site URL. This will be the main thing you will be promoting in all the Traffic Exchanges. As your own sites are being promoted for you from LegacyTeamCoop.

Make sure to auto-assign at least 50% of your credits to the Legacy Team Ad Co-op URL, as this will help build your credits in Legacy Team Ad Co-op.

Now you can surf the Traffic Exchanges and you will be getting your sites shown at 1000's of sites. Also you will get residual traffic from your referrals surfing 5 levels deep!


The 'Minimal Surfing' and Time Efficiency

Surf the TEs for 30 minutes a day to earn 100's of credits. You can earn more credits using TrafficBrowser. This is a free browser software that has quick tab surfing among other features that enables you to earn 1000's of credits in a short period of time.  Just imagine if you do this and your referrals do this (and your referral's referrals do this 5 levels down). Presto! You have just created a massive traffic network that consistently delivers traffic with very minimal surfing.

Instead of logging into each of the 5 TEs to check your credit balances, keep track of your credits using one site TECommandPost. This is a huge time saver and makes you more efficient.


The Viral Part Of This System

Download this book: Power Of 5 (LegacyTeamCoop)

It contains the instructions that are outlined so far and also how to rebrand the book with your affiliate links in it (for free).

Once you have your copy of the book with your affiliate links in it... Give it away for free! I will show you the most effective way to do this further in This Guide.

People will see the value of the information that you provided and will follow your lead.  This means getting referrals in The Legacy Team Co-op, TEHoopla, TrafficBrowser and the 5 Traffic Exchanges.

When people follow the instructions and surf the 5 TEs for 30mins/day you will receive
residual traffic from their surfing. The more people you give this book away too, the more residual traffic you will get, the less time surfing you will do each day.

Your referrals will learn how to generate their own growing profitable traffic network all the while you spend less time surfing. It is a win-win.  When your referrals start to get referrals then the whole cycle repeats again and everyone wins.


Now For The Profit Part Of The System

Start upgrading in the 5 Traffic Exchanges. First upgrade in Surfers2U as it has the lowest upgrade price of $3.95/mo.  You can cover that cost out of pocket right now or you can start earning the $3.95 using PaidVerts. PaidVerts is a Paid To Click (PTC) site where you can earn money in exchange for viewing advertisements.  You can earn the cost of upgrade in Surfers2U usually in a couple of weeks (if you stick to this plan).

As your referrals begin to upgrade you will earn monthly commissions.  Soon the cost of your first upgraded TE will be covered by commissions and you can use the profits to upgrade in the other TEs, one at a time.

This way the only out of pocket cost you would have ever paid was for the initial small monthly for the first TE upgrade.

Are you beginning to see the power of this system?

If you paid for your first upgrade using the money earned from PaidVerts then this system is built essentially for free.
The only cost involved would be the time and energy spent building it.

Now that's cool!


Maximize Your Advertising Efforts
(Getting the highest ROI on time & money spent using TEs)

The key to using traffic exchanges is understanding that the person visiting your site will only be viewing for 10–20 seconds.

Rather than sending the person to your standard affiliate link or website (unless it is the Legacy Team Co-op URL), you should be sending them to a specific advertisement designed for traffic exchanges.

The most effective are capture pages or splash pages, which have a simple headline, description, and opt-in form for an autoresponder.

Then the surfer can easily type their email address in and receive more information about your product or services at a later time.

The main goal of using traffic exchanges should be to build your personal list of business prospects for now and future endeavors (Hint: this is the key to growing any business, online or offline).

* Now that you know this, let's maximize this system... *

AllinOneProfits is the program that we will use to build our system. It has all the tools needed to build your capture page and autoresponder. It also has much needed tools such as email, hosting, link tracking, rotators and more. Everything you need to create a Viral Traffic Profit System.

Create your capture page using the 'Splash Builder' and 'Auto responder' found in AllinOneProfits.

Here is the exact ad copy to use on your capture page:

Want To Know How To Build A Profitable Traffic Network and Get Your Site Seen On 1000's of Websites While Surfing Only 30 Minutes Per Day?

Your completed capture page should look something like THIS.

Advertise your capture page in the 5 TEs and in The Legacy Team Ad Co-op.

Once your system is set up, spend most of your online time advertising - as this is the fuel that propels the whole system.

Surf the 5 TEs for 30 minutes per day. More when you are first starting out, and less when you start making profits. This does not take long. Implement this system exactly and you will see results within days and profits within a couple weeks. (Of course this may vary depending on what level you are at and how much time, money & energy is spent).

When you get new subscribers use the first email in the autoresponder series to greet your subscriber and send them your branded book.

Use the following as your first email:

>>> Thanks FIRSTNAME!  Is Your Site Getting Seen? ...


So you want to know how to build a profitable traffic network  that gets
your site seen on thousands of websites... with minimal surfing?

Ok.. Visit this link here:

It shows you how this works.



Email me back....  I have a gift for you just for taking the time today.


The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

If you made it this far then congratulations! Most people quit after signing up to the first couple sites.  Welcome to the 3% of successful online marketers who continue to press forward no matter what :)

I designed this system to do a few of things.

First, to introduce to you an affordable system that is easy to create, with the fewest amount of programs needed (5 TEs + LegacyTeamCoop + TrafficBrowser + AllinOneProfits = 8 programs).

Second, to have a system that exponentially grows both in traffic and in profits, virtually on autopilot (once you are able to reinvest your commissions into upgrades), while reducing the amount of time spent surfing.

Third, to introduce you to The Basic Online Marketing Funnel.  (This model is the most proven way to create an income online).

That is..
  • Choosing a traffic source (TEs),
  • Understanding what problems (TE) users are having: Don't have enough traffic, not enough views to their sites, spending too much time surfing, and not making any referrals and  commissions.
  • Simply offering them a solution to a problem that they have based on their needs and desires (This Guide).
Technically this goes like this: get traffic from TEs, send it to your capture page with question/problem on it, get opt-in, follow up email shows subscriber solution (a link to This Guide with your branded book).

If you answer the questions that are already in the mind of the subscriber then this will form a bond and they will trust you on your recommendations.

This system, done correctly will lead to signups and sales.

So what is the FINAL Piece of the Puzzle?


In order for this system to work efficiently there needs to be duplication.  It is your 'job' to assist your referrals in setting up their system.

Help them.  Make sure they sign up to the TEs, the co-op etc. Lead them to get the right tools to make surfing easier (using TrafficBrowser) and to create the capture page and autoresponder (using
AllinOneProfits). Also show them that they can create this whole system with no out-of-pocket costs (using PaidVerts).

To some setting this stuff up may be easy, for others it might be their first time exploring the online marketing world.  But rest assured you have skills that can help other people.  And that's really what this is all about.

Help enough people get what THEY want and your returns will be exponential and abundant ...both in profits and in fulfillment.

Your work here has paid off...

Finally you can now relax and enjoy the traffic, signups and sales you get from the growing traffic network that you have created... surfing only 30 minutes a day!


PS. Remember to email me... I have a gift for you just for taking the time today.  And email me if you need help setting things up.  I see you succeeding in this :)

Want more traffic and a larger network?

1) Repeat the process with The Explosive Traffic Co-op.
(ie. Join ExplosiveTraffic and advertise your Explosive Traffic Co-op URL in the 5 TEs).

Brand this book and give it away:
Power Of 5 (ExplosiveTraffic)

2) Only when you are in profit and have become proficient, join ONE of the Traffic Exchanges from the Top 7 listed in TEHoopla and surf it for 30 minutes everyday along with the other 5 TEs. Repeat this process, joining TEs from the Top 7 list, one by one.



I am constantly testing different sources to see if they are a good fit for our System.

The criteria is simple:
I will add programs that can exponentially increase traffic & profits, while reducing overall surfing.

I have added the traffic exchanges FreeProTraffic & TrafficMarketplace

Join them both. See the benefits below:

1) FreeProTraffic

Earn a Free Pro Upgraded membership by surfing 100 pages 2 days in a row.
urf 100 pages per day to keep your Free Pro Upgrade. This is easy!
We are going to leverage the added monthly credits and bonuses that come with the free Pro Upgrade.
You also get a $0.25 when your referral surfs their first 100 pages
and earn up to 50% Commissions on referral purchases.

Click HERE to join or on the banner below.

2) TrafficMarketplace

Surf 100 sites and receive up to 77756 credits every week.
Receive 10% Extra credits for referrals surfing.
Innovative way to share traffic and credits between members

Click HERE to join or on the banner below.

3) These are the benefits of joining me!
* $200 in Advertising BONUSES to Start
* FREE Ad Credit Bonuses
* Your affiliate link gets placed in my ad rotation giving you free traffic and referrals.
* 250 credits in FreeProTraffic after surfing your 1st 100 pages.

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